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Welcome to Penwith Film Society, showing the best new and classic cinema from around the world to audiences in West Cornwall.

For the first time, as well as current releases, we are screening mini-season of masterpieces of European cinema. These classic films have been chosen for their individual brilliance, but they also share thematic resonances: the relationship between personal and social identity; different forms of belonging; the chaos of social and individual madness and resultant games of power. They also show a rich diversity of form and feeling: terrifying, tender, sexy, hilarious, poignant. 

This season features a rich and varied array of films, new releases and classics from around the world, very broadly focusing on themes relating to the family - from tales of siblings and parents to examinations of identity, politics and religion.

We'll be publishing full details in the very near future, but here's the list.


Three Colours: White  Krzysztof Kieslowski 1994
Raw  Julie Dourcournau, France 2016
The Leopard  Luchino Visconti, Italy 1963
Graduation  Cristian Mungiu, Romania/France 2016
Tokyo Story  Yasujiro Ozu, Japan1953
Harmonium  Kôji Fukada, Japan 2016
The Great City  Satyajit Ray, India 1955
The Innocents  Anne Fontaine, France 2016
Inversion  Behnam Behzadi, Iran 2016
Clash  Mohamed Diab, Egypt 2016
Shadows  John Cassavetes USA 1959
The Levelling  Hope Dickson Leach, UK 2016
The Tree of Wooden Clogs  Ermanno Olmi, Italy 1978

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